Rotary Club Race Night Promotes Local Businesses

Kibworth Golf Club are hosting a Rotary Club Horse Race Night on 27 January 2017 to promote local small businesses while fundraising for Charity.

How Your Business Can Benefit

For a donation of £50 any local business based in or around Fleckney or Leicester can sponsor one of the races to get their company name onto the race card and on the big screen for the evening.

You can sponsor as many races as you wish and while promoting your company you are also benefitting local charities that help children and families in the local community. Many Rotary Club members are business owners and this audience can really help to make your business more visible to your local target market.

How to Attend the Event

You don’t need to be a Rotary Club member to attend the Race Night, it is open to anyone who wants to attend. The cost of a ticket is just £10 which includes a sit-down chicken and chips dinner. All you need to pay for is a drink.

It’s a great way to experience the excitement of a real race night while keeping warm cosy indoors at Kibworth Golf Club while you meet other business owners and members of the community enjoying a great social event.

Sponsor a Race or Buy a Ticket Here

To sponsor any of the races, or just to buy a ticket, contact Elaine Vandelli on:

Tel: 0116 240 2330      Email:

Address Hi 2 Events, Fleckney, LE8 8UH



First Lady President of Rotary

Elaine Vandelli has plenty of strings to her bow. As well as being the Founder of the biggest business Expo in Leicestershire for the last ten years; she is also a tireless champion of her local community and helps to support many local and national charities.
In just five years, her membership of the Kibworth and Fleckney Rotary Club has been transformational to the organisation. From joining up in 2011 as the first ever lady member, she has now been voted in as their new President.
This is a massive achievement for any woman, so we interviewed Elaine about it, to find out how she has changed their views in five years, and the incredible amount of behind the scenes work that she does in the community. Elaine told us:

“I always wanted to do something for the local community and that why I joined the Kibworth and Fleckney club. Market Harborough Rotary Club currently has around a third of its members’ ladies, but there is still a wide perception that Rotary is just for older business men.”

“I would love to change that perception.”

The club does a lot of work for the local community as well as for the main charities like Loros, Rainbows, Air Ambulance and others, and they always support the local Scouts groups, Brownies and Guides.

The Kibworth group have also sent a few young people on Youth Exchange visits for up to 6 weeks at a time to places like Brazil, America and China.
We asked Elaine for her top tip about Rotary Clubs, and she told us:

“One great thing about Rotary is that as a member you can go to any club in the world and be made to feel really welcome.”

Nominated Charities for the Year

Elaine has already chosen her nominated charities for the year which are: Children’s Air Ambulance, and TwentyTwenty a charity working with kids who have been thrown out of either or both, home and school. They offer them an education and help them to make positive life choices going forward.   We will of course still be supporting the local community as well.

Interested in finding out more about Rotary?

They meet on a weekly basis but Elaine is currently setting up a Satellite group which will meet once a month and/or online, because some business people are too busy to commit to a weekly meeting, and this will be a good way to gain new members and boost the visibility of what the Rotary Club organisation is all about.

Contact Elaine right here if you would like to know about a Rotary Club group in your area, or visiting the Kibworth and Fleckney group as a guest.

Fashion Show Raises £428 for Charity

Rotary Club Fashion Show in Kibworth Raise £428 for Children’s Air Ambulance

At a fun Charity Fashion Show & Clothes Sale at Kibworth Golf Club last week, this summer’s top fashion trends were revealed while a massive £428 was raised to help the Children’s Air Ambulance to continue their work across the County, saving lives and providing urgent treatment.

They are totally self-funding, so every penny really does help them to operate and maintain the helicopter, pay for the pilot, and equip it with the most up to date lifesaving equipment, including a baby incubator.

The event was hosted by the Kibworth and Fleckney Rotary Club who had more than 50 people attending last week’s event. The Fashion company donated two £25 Raffle Prizes and the whole evening was a great success.

Tips for Summer 2016 Fashion Trends


The fashion Show was a fabulous procession of models showing exactly what this summer’s fashion trends in the High Street brands will be.

Charity Fashion Show Kibworth Golf Club
Charity Fashion Show Kibworth Golf Club

The big hitters of the evening, were the striped tops that can suit everyone, worn with a range of slim fit trousers and teamed with a sassy little monochrome jacket in black and white. A look that will easily take you everywhere this summer: to the office summer barbecue, Prep School Sports Day, Henley Regatta and a day at Wimbledon tennis.


The other big trend for this summer, will be the big prints with bright and bold colours, and lots of floral patterns to choose from. All of these will go with the slim fit trousers and the chic black and white jacket, so for all the ladies who bought one at the end of the show, they will be cutting a dash around Leicester this summer…

But remember, you heard it here first!




10 Top Tips for Organising an Event

For any business planning to organise an event, whether it is a Networking morning, a Charity Fundraiser, Business Conference, or a full blown Exhibition, here are ten things you need to know:


  1. Who are you inviting?

What kind of businesses or individuals do you want to attend? This will make a real difference to where, when and how you organise it. It will also have an effect on the kinds of facilities you need to include, such as car parking, disabled facilities and refreshments.

  1. Have you given yourself enough time?

Before you set the date, think about where and how you will publicise the event. Magazines that come out every month, are always at least 2 months ahead, so you could miss publication if your event is less than 9 weeks away.  Businesses may need to hold meetings to decide if they will attend, and these marketing meetings could be monthly, so give them enough time to plan for it.

  1. Who do you need to help on the day?

You may need ticket collectors, badge givers, Press attendance, First Aid attendance, caterers, raffle ticket sellers, Prizes, PA speakers, lighting, and volunteers, so make sure they all have enough time to go through their processes to be able to attend.

  1. Legal Requirements

Things like Health and Safety Regulations, capacity numbers for the venue, fire Insurance, Risk Assessments, First Aid attendance like St Johns Ambulance, Children’s Play areas need to be staffed by Council checked people, Access requirements for visitor, wheelchair access arrangements, interpreters, and exhibitors to unload etc.

Then there is photo or video consent forms if you plan to take photos of people at the event, (of course you CANNOT photograph or video any children) Event licences may be needed, to have money collections for Charity, or to use a venue or piece of land for a different purpose. These will need to be investigated from the Local Authority, and may take up to 3 months to fill in forms, and get approvals in place,

  1. Public Liability Insurance

Every event, however small and informal will need some kind of insurance cover – even a Church coffee morning will need this, so leave enough time to get quotes and set up a suitable policy for the day.

  1. Venue restrictions of regulations

The venue you choose, may have some restrictions attached to it, such as, Church halls are often not allowed to have alcohol on site, does it have free WIFI – your attendees may be relying on use of the internet for presentations, or Wi-Fi credit card machines, and have rules about capacity crowds for standing up or sitting down events. They may also not allow you to bring in your own catering, and you may have to use theirs.

  1. Publicity

This is a huge area, if you decide to have posters or flyers, these need time to design, print and then hand out, do you need to pay for newspaper ads to promote it? This will need to be budgeted

  1. On the day plans

On the big day, who will be in charge, who will open up, show people to the car park, give out maps, direct exhibitors to their stands, set up microphones, PowerPoint projection, microphones, and what time can they all get in? Don’t forget what time they are allowed to leave – you can’t have exhibitors packing up halfway through the afternoon or people carrying boxes in and out, while the public are still coming in.

  1. The big clear up

Check with the venue, do you need to clear up, or can you just walk out at the end? What are you expected to do? Should you take away rubbish bags, or can you leave them on site, what happens if someone breaks something? A table leg, or chair, or the projector? What happen if something goes missing?

  1. Use a Professional

It may make life much easier if you use an experienced event organiser to do all of this for you.  There are many different things to think about when organising any event, from a social to a business meeting, or village fete or church coffee morning.

Here at Hi2 Events we can organize all this on your behalf, have a look at our recent events to get some ideas:

Business Exhibitions

Conferences in the UK, or abroad:

Foreign Travel Tours:

Charity Fashion Show & Clothes Sale

Come along to a fun, evening Charity Fashion Show & Clothes Sale in Kibworth 


Put this date straight into your diaries, 18 March Friday at 7pm because the Kibworth and Fleckney Rotary Club are hosting a fabulous Fashion Show to raise funds for the Children’s Air Ambulance.

Charity Fashion Show Kibworth Golf Club
Charity Fashion Show Kibworth Golf Club

The venue is the luxurious Kibworth Golf Club in Weir Road, Kibworth LE8 0LP and tickets are a snip at £10 each. Find out what’s in and what’s out this season, see what they look like, and buy a few for yourself while you are there.

You will see models of all ages wearing the latest styles for spring and summer, who will parade for around 45 minutes, before giving you the chance to look at the 1,400 clothes on display – all from the big High Street brands, and at rock-bottom discount prices.

Children's Air Ambulance
Children’s Air Ambulance

All proceeds will go to the Children’s Air Ambulance, to do a fantastic job across the County, saving lives and providing urgent treatment. They are completely self- funded, so even if you don’t wish to buy anything, please come along with your friends, just for the show.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t live in Kibworth or Fleckney, the Children’s Air Ambulance covers the whole County, so everyone really will be welcomed. You will need to book a ticket, to make sure we have enough space, and so you won’t be disappointed on the night.

Here are the details to book your place:





Any questions about Charity Fashion Show & Clothes Sales? Contact us right here: