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4 Days in Verona with a Company You Can Trust

Booking a family break or staff incentive trip is an important task. You need to be sure that everything lives up to its description and that nothing will go wrong with the company you place the booking.

December and January are traditionally the months where holidays and travel break weekends are booked. The winter seems endless and it gives us something to look forward to. This is especially the case for employees and good sales people whom you want to keep on board.

Hi2 Events have been running this 4-day trip to Verona for some years and everything from the accommodation to the food and trips are tried and tested, with some great reviews from local businesses on the website.

Great way to reward staff and incentivize customers

The beautiful city of Verona merges the traditional with the modern. Classic Italian shopping, a historic tour of original Romeo & Juliet locations, superb local wine tasting, Sightseeing at Lake Garda, Italian cookery class and 5 course dining.

The Hi 2 Events fabulous short tour is a perfect way for businesses to get top results from their staff by achieving or winning this 4-day leisure break. Inspire your staff to be high achievers and reward your top players with something that they will remember for ever. So much more meaningful than a cash reward or voucher.

Perfect for your Hen party, or a great social weekend for your Club or Society. A group size of 6 or 8 is perfect for this tailor-made made for those who love of food, wine and travel, and of course the magic that is Verona. READ MORE

“4 days in Verona, a beautiful city in northern Italy, which is impossible not to be enchanted by its elegance, history, and the beauty of its landscapes and river.”

Hi2 trips to verona

Planned Tour Dates: –

22nd to 25th April 2017
17th to 20th June 2017
23rd to 26th September 2017

Or we can book a unique tour for your group of 8 or more.

For details of how to book onto the next 4 Days in Verona Trip Click Here

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