10 Top Tips for Organising an Event

For any business planning to organise an event, whether it is a Networking morning, a Charity Fundraiser, Business Conference, or a full blown Exhibition, here are ten things you need to know:


  1. Who are you inviting?

What kind of businesses or individuals do you want to attend? This will make a real difference to where, when and how you organise it. It will also have an effect on the kinds of facilities you need to include, such as car parking, disabled facilities and refreshments.

  1. Have you given yourself enough time?

Before you set the date, think about where and how you will publicise the event. Magazines that come out every month, are always at least 2 months ahead, so you could miss publication if your event is less than 9 weeks away.  Businesses may need to hold meetings to decide if they will attend, and these marketing meetings could be monthly, so give them enough time to plan for it.

  1. Who do you need to help on the day?

You may need ticket collectors, badge givers, Press attendance, First Aid attendance, caterers, raffle ticket sellers, Prizes, PA speakers, lighting, and volunteers, so make sure they all have enough time to go through their processes to be able to attend.

  1. Legal Requirements

Things like Health and Safety Regulations, capacity numbers for the venue, fire Insurance, Risk Assessments, First Aid attendance like St Johns Ambulance, Children’s Play areas need to be staffed by Council checked people, Access requirements for visitor, wheelchair access arrangements, interpreters, and exhibitors to unload etc.

Then there is photo or video consent forms if you plan to take photos of people at the event, (of course you CANNOT photograph or video any children) Event licences may be needed, to have money collections for Charity, or to use a venue or piece of land for a different purpose. These will need to be investigated from the Local Authority, and may take up to 3 months to fill in forms, and get approvals in place,

  1. Public Liability Insurance

Every event, however small and informal will need some kind of insurance cover – even a Church coffee morning will need this, so leave enough time to get quotes and set up a suitable policy for the day.

  1. Venue restrictions of regulations

The venue you choose, may have some restrictions attached to it, such as, Church halls are often not allowed to have alcohol on site, does it have free WIFI – your attendees may be relying on use of the internet for presentations, or Wi-Fi credit card machines, and have rules about capacity crowds for standing up or sitting down events. They may also not allow you to bring in your own catering, and you may have to use theirs.

  1. Publicity

This is a huge area, if you decide to have posters or flyers, these need time to design, print and then hand out, do you need to pay for newspaper ads to promote it? This will need to be budgeted

  1. On the day plans

On the big day, who will be in charge, who will open up, show people to the car park, give out maps, direct exhibitors to their stands, set up microphones, PowerPoint projection, microphones, and what time can they all get in? Don’t forget what time they are allowed to leave – you can’t have exhibitors packing up halfway through the afternoon or people carrying boxes in and out, while the public are still coming in.

  1. The big clear up

Check with the venue, do you need to clear up, or can you just walk out at the end? What are you expected to do? Should you take away rubbish bags, or can you leave them on site, what happens if someone breaks something? A table leg, or chair, or the projector? What happen if something goes missing?

  1. Use a Professional

It may make life much easier if you use an experienced event organiser to do all of this for you.  There are many different things to think about when organising any event, from a social to a business meeting, or village fete or church coffee morning.

Here at Hi2 Events we can organize all this on your behalf, have a look at our recent events to get some ideas:

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How To Motivate Your Staff…


Motivation is a very big subject, with rows of books about the psychological aspects of it; but it can all be summed up into one easy question:

Are people motivated by a PUSH or a PULL?

That means do they work harder when aiming towards something good, or when trying to avoid something bad. Clearly avoiding something bad (lack of bonus, redundancy, telling off,) will not result in you getting the most creative work from your employees, as this performance is reliant on the amount of their fear or dread. So let’s look at the PUSH, or ‘aiming towards something good’ option to see why and how this works:

Incentives motivate and inspire your staff

There is a huge difference between employees performing their expected and minimum duties adequately, and performing them brilliantly, on time, and creatively, so more and more companies are offering their employees, incentives and reward schemes to get the best from their workforce.

Create a BUZZ!

As a business owner, you need to find ways to sustain performance and launching a new incentive or reward scheme will instantly create a new BUZZ in the staff room, but choosing the right kind of reward is the key to making it work.

Giving extra money may be your first thought, but this increases tax bills and will just end up being spent in the Supermarket, and the reward will disappear into the daily humdrum of life.

So the reward needs to be something that employees would not ‘generally’ splash out on. Something more exciting than an Amazon voucher, and something that the winners will then talk about enthusiastically at the coffee machine, to motivate OTHERS to want to achieve it next month/quarter/year.

Ignite a Competitive passion

If you have 10 salespeople, why not offer a reward to the top three, or to all of them who achieve their sales targets for three months in a row? Or to the first 3 people to sell one of your brand new Widget machines?

The next thing to do is to set a budget for this reward. That will depend entirely on the size of your Company and the value of your products, and don’t forget that they are tax deductible for you as a business marketing expense.

Here is an example of what £300 will buy, to motivate your employees to want to achieve that ‘Employee of the month’ or ‘Top Sales’ position: with an unforgettable four-day break in the beautiful city of Verona. Covering a weekend, so involving two days’ holiday


Hi2Events have a fabulous four-day leisure break that takes the winners to Verona, Lake Garda, the Soave Wineries, and an authentic Italian Cookery Class.  It is a great way to inspire your staff and gives them plenty to talk about at the coffee machine afterwards. Have a look at what our last winners said about it…

“I cannot recommend this trip enough, it has really been an amazing experience and I have some amazing memories that will last a life time”.
Emily Johnstone, DBS Managed Offices

“The first view from the patio at San Mattia will stay with me forever”.
Paul Coughlan, PSC Fire Safety

“Fantastic scenery, fantastic food, fantastic hostess and plenty of Wine!”
Angela Priestly

“The trip offered a great mix of recreational activities together with down time for relaxing and charging batteries – obviously well thought out by the event planner”.
Carol Franklin, Cento.

“If you have never experienced the culture of Italy, this is the perfect tour to see Italy as its best!”
Tina Gayle, Whizzy Words

“The activities organised were excellent and pitched perfectly for adults wanting a mixture of fun yet relaxation. I would recommend the experience to anybody wanting a short fun break for business or pleasure”.
James Franklin, Cento.

If you would like to find out more about it, or just look at the pictures from our last trip, just click here:



5 Reasons LBE16 Exhibition is Great for Business!

Have you ever wondered why businesses take a stand at our Leicestershire Business Event every year?

Just what do they get back from it? Is it cost effective? are questions that we often get asked, so here are our 5 top reasons for you to consider taking a stand at the 2016 LBE event on 27 October 2016 at Tigers Ground…




  1. New Prospects: Exhibition surveys report statistics that say that on average, at a B2B exhibition, traffic to your stand will be made up of 12% of people that you already know or are in contact with, and 88% of businesses that you don’t. That means you are meeting local businesses that you can add to your mailing lists, show your new products to and make appointments with. All in one place, on one day. Let’s say you have 100 visitors, that means 88 new prospects, and if you divide the cost of the stand by 88, it gives you the cost of reaching each new lead at much less than a fiver… cheaper than buying a sandwich!
  2. Easier to Close the Deal: Research also tells us that sales taken at an exhibition are much easier to close than leads from cold calling methods. Furthermore, a whopping 54% of orders placed from new prospects at a trade show, need fewer or sometimes no follow-up meetings, saving you or your sales staff travel time and appointments time. (McGraw-Hill Research Foundation.) 
  3. Reaching the right audience: Exhibiting is a really cost effective method of reaching your target market. If you supply products or services in Leicester City, or Leicestershire, it’s a great way of spreading the word about your company, building brand awareness and meeting other businesses that could benefit your supply chain,
  4. Beat your Competition. If your competitors are not there, you have a huge advantage over them by being visible and promoting your products. It may be that some of your visitors are not in the market right now for your products, but next week or next month, they may be. So who will they contact first? Will they trawl the internet looking for a local supplier? Yes, probably, but they are also much more likely to contact you first, since they already have a fleeting relationship with you. The rest is then up to you…
  5. Shop Window: These days, many businesses trade mostly on the internet, or have a premises tucked away in an industrial park, or in a business centre, so is sadly lacking in possibilities for new footfall. A local exhibition gives you a great shop window to really show off, let visitors handle your products, try them out, or take away a freebie that will keep you in their briefcase, pocket or on their desk.

These reasons are well known by many businesses, and the LBE Event this year is already taking bookings from businesses who don’t want to miss out on the best pitches. So if you have never tried it, or if you have attended as a visitor, why not give it a go this year? There are eight months until our October event, so plenty of time to plan your stand and invest in some freebies.

We nearly forgot – it is also great fun!

Here is a link to the details of this year’s Show on Thursday 27th October 2016:

Details: LBE 16